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Rutgers University


Rutgers began in 1766 as a small seminary school called Queen’s College. In 1825, the name of the college was changed to Rutgers to honor a former trustee and revolutionary war veteran, Colonel Henry Rutgers. Today, Rutgers has developed into one of America’s leading public research universities. Rutgers University has three campuses: Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick. You will be a student at the New Brunswick campus.


Rutgers in New Brunswick is actually 5 campuses merged into one big university. The five campuses are:

College Avenue

Busch Campus

Livingston Campus

Douglass Campus

Cook Campus


Viewing a map of the Rutgers New Brunswick campus is the best way to get a feel for the layout.


Located in the center of the Washington/Boston corridor between Philadelphia and New York, Rutgers enrolls more than 65,000 students, both undergraduates and graduates. Rutgers has one of the most diverse student bodies in the US. In fact, the Newark campus was recently named the most diverse campus in the country!


The bus system linking the five New Brunswick campuses is the largest bus system in New Jersey. Each campus has its own facilities (student center, dining hall, etc), which you are welcome to use. The Rutgers website lists any kind of information you may need about the University. There is information regarding academics, housing, meal plans, student clubs and activities, and much more. Spend some time reading information on the history of Rutgers, on current issues, on classes offered, and on information for current as well as prospective students. You can use the “Search Rutgers” option on the right-hand side of the Rutgers home page to find any person or place at RU!


For information regarding Rutgers University safety statistics please refer to the 2011 Safety Matters report published by Rutgers Public Safety.