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Visiting students have access to the majority of classes offered at the Rutgers New Brunswick campus.  To find classes, you should use the official Rutgers Scheduling Website at In order to select the schedule you wish to see: click on (New Brunswick), level (undergraduate) and semester (Fall/Spring).  If this does not work, simply go to the New Brunswick RU Home page and click on Schedule of Classes.  Once you enter in this information, you will see a list of subjects. If you click on any subject, you will then see a list of each class in that subject offered that particular semester. When viewing classes, please be sure to notice the meeting time and place. The different campuses are College Avenue (Coll Av); Cook (D/C); Douglass (D/C); Livingston (Liv); and Busch. There is a staggered class schedule for each campus. Please make sure that you have sufficient travel time between classes on different campuses.  

Also, please take note of the level of the course:
  • 100-200 level courses are often lower level, more generalized courses. They are primarily for Freshman and Sophomore (1st and 2nd year) students and are generally open to all incoming students.
  • 300-400 level courses are upper level courses usually only available for Junior or Senior (3rd and 4th year) students and often have prerequisites for enrollment.
  • 500 level courses and above are graduate level courses, and are not available to visiting undergraduate exchange students.
When choosing your courses please check to see if you have the necessary prerequisites.  These prerequisites will be listed below the course name in the Schedule of Classes.  If you have any questions about the prerequisites we will be happy to help you.

*Please note that some classes may be restricted to certain majors or may require special permission from the department.  In most cases Pharmacy and Graduate classes are not available to incoming exchange students.  When you complete your online application it is important to indicate which academic departments at Rutgers you plan on taking courses in, that way we can begin the academic advising process early in the application process.  

The online Schedule of Classes for the Fall should be available in mid-March and the Spring schedule should be available in mid-October.  If the Schedule of Classes for the semester that you will be attending Rutgers is not available, you can take a look at the previous year’s schedule.  Please be aware that these classes may not be offered during the upcoming semester, so only use this as a guide.  We will inform your Study Abroad Office when the new Schedule of Classes becomes available.

A typical class load for one semester at Rutgers is 4 or 5 classes at 3 credits per class (12 – 15 credits total). You MUST be a full-time student while you are at Rutgers, which means that you must be registered for a minimum of 12 Rutgers credits per semester. How your credits from Rutgers translate back to your home university should be discussed with your advisor at your home university.

During the first week and a half of the semester there will be an “Add/Drop” period. During “Add/Drop” students will have the opportunity to change their schedules, and classes that were closed during the initial registration period may open again.