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The information on the following pages is only for international students who are applying to study at Rutgers University through an official Rutgers Center for Glboal Education exchange partner. Non-exchange and matriculating international students should visit the website of the Office of Admissions.

Welcome to the Rutgers University community! You have chosen to study in an exciting, fast-paced area of the country that is within easy travel distance of New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston. Of course, you can also sample quite a bit of what the USA is all about just by staying on our famously diverse New Brunswick campus. While we may be considered the land of the SUV, super-sized fries, and Hollywood, we hope that you will soon come to realize that, like any country, there is much more to the USA than what the media portrays (ahem, most of us can locate Canada on a map, thank you very much). No matter what you take away from your program, we hope that your time with us is something you’ll never forget. Choosing to study abroad is often described as the best decision a student can make. From buying a newspaper on the street to sampling the variety of food in your host city to attending class with local students, the United States of America will truly be your classroom. 

Top Ten Reasons to Study at Rutgers

  1.  Location, Location, Location, Location!
  2.  Course selection!
  3.  Rutgers is a premier public research university
  4.  Diversity
  5.  Thriving campus life!
  6.  RU-27
  7.  Outstanding recreation facilities
  8.  Downtown New Brunswick
  9.  The Zimmerli
10.  The local fare